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Moogsoft AIOps
Helping Ops Move at the Speed of Dev

In a complex world, simplification is key to achieving more.

We build human-centered technology that helps people and machines work together to find clarity in chaos and accelerate innovation.



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Improve the Quality of Your Products & Services

Moogsoft AIOps helps you deliver superior experiences to your customers. Our patented AI automatically identifies performance issues and gives you the immediate insight you need to manage problems proactively before they spin out of control. Unique features like Probable Root Cause Analysis and Algorithmic Knowledge Capture help you lower the frequency and duration of repeat incidents so you can achieve continuous service improvement.

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Make Dev and Ops Teams More Agile

Many operations teams rely on legacy technologies and workflows that take up too many resources for routine tasks, and make it difficult to adjust to change. Moogsoft AIOps uses cutting-edge AI coupled with smart collaboration features to help human operators learn faster and recover quickly from outages and downtime. Less time fixing problems means more time building innovative features and delivering top-notch services.

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Control the Cost of Your Ops

Today’s Ops leaders face growing complexity, and are under increased pressure to maintain service availability while managing a tight budget. Moogsoft AIOps allows executives to meet and beat their SLAs while controlling costs by providing groundbreaking AI solutions that remove repetitive, manual tasks, and drastically improving workflow between teams and across organisational silos.

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Safeguard Your Digital Transformation

Enterprises that are undertaking digital transformation oftentimes feel like they are flying blind as they make the shift to the cloud. Moogsoft AIOps gives you single-pane-of-glass visibility into the health of both on-premises and cloud-hosted applications and services — this ensures that you have the insight you need to transition safely and smartly.

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What People Are Saying About Moogsoft AIOps

  • Average Reduction in Alert Volume

    Average Reduction in Alert Volume

    Quote Image

    Moogsoft has leveraged machine-learning with the aim of helping customers reduce the noise around alerts that many enterprises are struggling to get a grip on.

    Nancy Gohring, Senior Analyst, 451 Research
  • Average Decrease in MTTD

    Average Decrease in MTTD

    Quote Image

    Moogsoft’s machine-learning and socialized workflows are the future of service assurance.

    Kalyan Kumar, SVP and Chief Technologist, ITO at HCL Technologies
  • Average Decrease in MTTR

    Average Decrease in MTTR

    Quote Image

    Moogsoft’s flexibility has allowed our service-aligned operations teams to restore services faster without having to change existing processes or organisation.

    VP, Global Data Center Operations, Global Financial Institution

Our Domain Innovation = Your Success

Moogsoft was founded by Phil Tee and Mike Silvey as a response to a lack of innovation in IT systems management and service assurance — a category that both Phil and Mike were instrumental in shaping when they invented Netcool (acquired by IBM) nearly 25 years ago.

The Moogsoft team is made up of a diverse group of technology innovators with a breadth and depth of expertise spanning IT service assurance, network operations, application performance monitoring, MSP/CSP, enterprise software, financial services, digital media, SaaS, log management, and online entertainment. We naturally understand our customers’ needs because we share similar backgrounds — this cumulative experience makes us uniquely qualified to collaborate with you and solve your team’s toughest problems.

If there’s one thing we love more than building cutting-edge technology, it’s helping companies use that technology to delight their customers. Connect with us so we can take your operations to the next level of excellence.

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