Moogsoft AIOps: Cloud Native in Microsoft Azure

Get early warning and full visibility into service-impacting issues before they strike

Continuous Observability Across Azure Cloud, On Prem and Hybrid Platforms

Your Dev and Ops teams now have a single pane-of-glass for real-time incident detection across your Azure, on-premises and other cloud infrastructure platforms. Get actionable insights in real-time and automatically align your operations and support resources more efficiently.

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Some of our most popular integrations:

Integrate the insights of all the Azure monitoring and observability tools with your on-premises APM, monitoring, orchestration and application logs. Transform your AppDynamics, New Relic, Splunk, ELK, and Azure tools into actionable work items with a collaborative, team-based workflow, and knowledge capture and recycle so that actionable insights are automatically put to use in future scenarios.

Key Features:

Integrate all of your Azure monitoring, analytics, log and event hub data with service management and runbook automation tools into a proactive automated workflow.

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