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Collaboration & Workflow

Bringing People Together to Work Smarter

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Get Only the Right People Involved

Moogsoft AIOps streamlines collaboration across tools, channels, and teams. Now you can pull in the right people at the right time to solve problems efficiently.

Seamless Workflows Across Tools and Teams

Smarter Workflows Across Tools and Teams

In the enterprise, many problems can’t be solved by one person or even one team. But that doesn’t mean you need the entire company on a late night bridge call. Use Moogsoft AIOps to automate collaboration no matter how large and complex organisations.

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Seamless Workflows Across Tools and Teams

See Availability and Performance Together

Pool events and show them all in context, without models, and with each tool’s native diagnostic features at your fingertips. Now you can understand how the performance of business applications may be impacted by infrastructure events.

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See Availability And Performance Together
Automated Teaming For Faster Resolution

The Right Information, To The Right People, Right Now

Notify subject matter experts in real time about new issues in their areas of responsibility, keeping them informed and enabling them to join the Situation Room directly from their mobile device. Notifications can be sent manually by the Situation Owner, or even automatically.

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Automated Teaming For Faster Resolution

Intelligent Teaming for Faster Resolution

Use AI to automatically build teams to tackle any Situation that arises. Any cross-disciplinary team can work together in the Situation Room to vastly accelerate problem solving and incident resolution.

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Intelligent Teaming for Faster Resolution


reduction in customer identified incidents, and a 25% reduction in Mean-Time-To-Resolve Incidents through collaboration.

Understand Today’s Incidents In Historical Context

The key to successful application operation is the ability to relate to current issues within a useful historical context. Moogsoft AIOps can generate dynamic queries against your historical logs and display the results in the context of the current issue, complete with your log management tools’ native analysis features.

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Understand Today’s Incidents In Historical Context
Let Information Flow Freely

Let Information Flow Freely

Share knowledge in context to reduce your team’s workload, accelerate resolution times, and limit the business impact. With features like Algorithmic Knowledge Capture, Probable Root Cause, and native ChatOps, your operators can achieve seamless resolution — no copying and pasting required.

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Let Information Flow Freely

Automate Incident Resolution

We believe that repetitive operational tasks should be automated. Moogsoft AIOps integrates orchestration and runbook automation solutions to enable reliable execution of repetitive tasks — including triage, diagnosis, and even resolution.

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Automate Incident Resolution

Moogsoft’s machine learning and socialised workflows are the future of service assurance”

– Kalyan Kumar B. (KK) CTO, HCL Technologies

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