Understanding AIOps & Probable Root Cause Analysis

Utilize an innovative approach to contextualizing event data and employing machine learning to avoid outages and downtime.

Despite decades of R&D dedicated to Root Cause Analysis — and counter to the claims of numerous technology vendors who claim to offer it — the traditional approach to RCA and concepts behind it have been flawed.

Leading analysts like Gartner agree that Root Cause Analysis is still a people-dependent process. Furthermore, they recommend that ITOps leaders leverage machine learning technology to provide contextualized information across the production stack, understand similarity in events from the past, and accommodate human interaction so that the algorithms can learn from human behavior over time.

Moogsoft’s unique Probable Root Cause is the first technique that can understand causality in unpredictable IT environments with a significant degree of certainty, and without reliance on a model.

In this webinar recording, Moogsoft executives Richard Whitehead and Robert Harper discuss this innovative approach to Root Cause Analysis, and how it can change the way your operations teams address IT incidents.

Thanks to our customers who participated in the Alpha and Beta testing periods for Probable Root Cause. This feature is currently being prepared for general release, and will be available to all customers soon.

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